Biplace : One model, 3 different uses

  • Ideal for a shared practice

  • Ergonomic design for immediate usability

  • Pleasant for solo use

Why choose the BIPLACE ?

Clubs, you can use the BIPLACE in many ways :

  • It can be the yacht dedicated to monitors. The BIPLACE enables you to bring the equipments necessary to plot the course. Then, you can use it to supervise during session, so you can provide advices to customers while sailing.
  • Thanks to the BIPLACE, you will always be able to take with you a customer or a photograph, in order to introduce land yachting to them or to give them a personal training.
  • The BIPLACE is a future-proof and cost-effective tool : you can rent it to couples, parent with child, family, friends… Indeed, the steering wheel and the two handbrakes are really reassuring users.
  • It can be very useful as it is suitable to all and adapted to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility or paraplegic (thanks to the steering wheel). The yacht can be fully equipped for theses people : safety harness, neoprene foam (under bottom and back), safety belt on legs…
  • The BIPLACE’s Strengths

    Easily manoeuvrable thanks to the steering wheel

    Immediate usability for those who have never practiced landyachting

    The BIPLACE is a safety landyacht, really appreciated by users.

    General characteristics for the BIPLACE

    • Ergonomic hull, really wide with profound seat, very safe when turning (safety harness on request)
    • The frame is made of corrosion resistant steel finished by vacuum metallization and Epoxy paint.
    • Fittings, pieces on frame and ball bearings made of stainless steel (ball bearings greased at 80% instead of 25%)
    • Alloy wheels..
    • The yacht is equipped with two handbrake (one on each side, for each user)

    Technical characteristics for the BIPLACE

    • Assembled dimensions : 3,45 m x 2,1 m
    • Total weight : about 68 Kg
    • The unbreakable fiber axles make the yacht very comfortable, they are dressed in a rubber profile prevents scratches and giving them the appearance of a small aircraft wings.
    • Powerful sail : 6,6 sqm made of Dacron with reef.
    • Mast 57 diameter, in 3 different parts
    • Pulleys : 2 x Triple + Ratchet block
    • Front fork mounted on stainless steel ball bearings (2 below and 1 above). To ensure a maximum adhesion, the wheel slightly tilt when you turn. Nylon dial, specifically designed to withstand seawater.

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