Maxi Môm: Specially designed for children
(and for adults!)

  • Strong and comfy

  • Specially studied for children, (and adults)

  • 1sec Adjustable foot-bar, even when sailing

New yacht, new look : Here comes the MAXI-MÔM

The previous MINI-MÔM is becoming the MAXI-MÔM. This new yacht is the intermediary between the MINI-MÔM and the NEW MC2, so the habitability has been extended. The hull of the MAXI-MÔM looks like the NEW MC2 because it is only 20 cm less long loosing only 12 cm for the legs, enabling now to receive all children of different dimensions. This is the perfect sandyacht for children and adults up to 178 cm.

Why choose the MAXI-MÔM ?

The MAXI-MÔM is extremely flexible in its use. If you’re a club, you must own this yacht : a useful working tool, specially made and designed to suit children of all ages and sizes. The MAXI-MÔM is adapted to youngest and ideal for beginners.

Lighter and easier to move, it is also less fats, so perfect for smaller users. For clubs, which daily work with school groups, this new yacht is then essential and add value to your current fleet.

The MAXI MÔM’s Strengths

Initially, the MAXI-MÔM has a stainless steel frame girdling the hull, as the New MC2. In fact, this new yacht is a scale model of the NEW MC2. However, it’s possible to build the MAXI-MÔM in a self-supporting hull « Structural light » (on request). This kind of manufacturing enables to save 10% on total weight, so 4 Kg less. The yacht is then designed with a bottom as an integral part of the seat, giving optimal rigidity. Thus only two stainless steel parts are bolted to the hull : the rear axle holder and the front pyramid including the mast well to the fork steerer. This version is therefore more efficient, very interesting for clubs to avoid session cancellation in case of light wind, as the hull is structural and the transmission is more rigid.

General characteristics for the MAXI-MÔM

  • 1 second adjustable foot-bar, even when sailing (SEAGULL creation)
  • All spare parts are made in stainless steel, even the ball bearings (ball bearings especially made for SEAGULL : greased at 80% instead of 25%)
  • 3 ball bearings pivot : 2 below to cushion shocks and 1 above

Technical characteristics for the MAXI-MÔM

  • Dacron sail with reef : 3,8 sqm (Also available : 4,5 sqm or 5,3 sqm)
  • Overall dimensions : 2,47 m x 1,86 m
  • Distance between middle front wheel to the middle rear axle : 1,77 m
  • Total weight : about 45 kg, depending on the version (Structural Light or frame)
  • Mast made of aluminium, in 3 different parts
  • Scraper brake

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