Promo Sport : Designed to reach the first place !

  • A racing model

  • Formidable performance and speed

  • Comfortable and easily transportable

Why choose the PROMO SPORT ?

The PROMO SPORT by SEAGULL is a formidable racing model. Acceleration, speed and comfort : this yacht is perfect to start competition.

As international class, our PROMO SPORT has been victorious every time in World championship (so in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014), and several times in European championship, thanks to our customers-pilots.

The PROMO-SPORT is a sound investment to begin the competition. Many options are available, do not hesitate to ask for, depending on the pilot : double handle of launch, sail more or less hollow in such place, mast of such hardness… or let us manufacture it as our standard : handle of launch on the left side, stiff mast, classic PROMO-SPORT sail « Fab ».

The PROMO SPORT’s Strengths

The PROMO SPORT is rigged in 7 minutes and easily transportable in a car or on the roof of it.

General characteristics for the PROMO SPORT

Following the « standard » dimensions, strictly respected, of the international « PROMO SPORT » class :

  • 2,5 m wheelbase, width : 2 m, wheel of 400 mm
  • Dacron sail : 5,5 sqm. Overall length : 3,40 m
  • Total weight : about 55 Kg
  • Mast in 2 different parts (the highest part : 3,77 m) made of anodized aluminium
  • 2 triple balls pulleys to sheave : 57 mm diameter + ratchet block
  • High strength steel frame and axles, anti-corrosion treatment
  • All the steel pieces and fittings are made of stainless steel, even the ball-bearings.

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