SILENCE : The good compromise

  • The sandyacht for leisure sport

  • Unforgettable sensations for your customers

  • Easily transportable, lightweight and dismountable

Why choose the SILENCE ?

The SILENCE will help you to build customer loyalty. Thus, we will be able to offer improvement session ; as a matter of fact, customers who have begun sand yachting with the LUDIC, will develop their skills with the SILENCE. It is also possible to often practice in tandem : families or friend groups will appreciate this sharing session.

The SILENCE’s Strengths

Assembled or disassembled in a few minutes, this mini-yacht can go everywhere, allowing you to offer sessions outside your current area. Even if the beach is the birthplace of land yachting, others spaces and other grounds are waiting to be developed (green tourism), thanks to the SILENCE.

General characteristics for the SILENCE

  • The frame is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium, and finished with epoxy-paint (as aluminum joineries)
  • The unbreakable fiber axles make the yacht very comfortable, they are dressed in a rubber profile prevents scratches and giving them the appearance of a small aircraft wings.
  • All spare parts are made of stainless steel, even the ball bearings (ball bearings especially made for SEAGULL : greased at 80% instead of 25%)
  • Telescopic adjustment of the tiller by a simple push-pin, to adapt the length of the legs
  • The rolling bag is not included for clubs

Technical characteristics for the SILENCE

  • Total weight : about 35 Kg
  • Assembled dimensions : from 1,72 m to 1,83 m x 1,8 m
  • Mast and boom made of anodized aluminium (6 different parts of about 95 cm each)
  • Sail area : 4,5 sqm or 5,3 sqm. Made of Dacron

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