Standart' : Push the boundaries !

  • « Monotype international Standart’ »

  • Powerful and beautiful

  • A reassuring yacht

Why choose the STANDART’ ?

« A stroke of genius ». The Standart’ model is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2019. Over almost three decades, it has delighted its pilots, which have made the Standart’ one of the fastest yacht ever constructed by Seagull. As a matter of fact, the Standart’ has showed unbelievable performance which we would have considered impossible when we built it in 1989.

29 years later, the Standart’ has curiously remained modern, it has almost become more and more fresh. The young generation loves it as if this model had just been dedicated to it. Actually, the Standart’ brings together several generation from different nationalities, providing the opportunity for an exchange of culture and knowledges, and that, thanks to the fact the Standart’ has become a real competition class in itself, becoming « Monotype international Standart’ » in 1990.

We are proud many youngs and skilled pilots are joining the Standart’ class every year. Its attractiveness is reflecting its performances : female and male pilots are achieving same results in competition, proof that the Standart’ is a real international monotype. A beautiful landyacvht without any borders or boundaries.

The STANDART’s Strengths

We have builded the Standart’ as a leisure model, but the potential of this model was soon to be realized. Powerful, its qualities have raised the Standart’ to the rank of International Monotype. Fast, comfortable and reassuring, the Standart’ is a high-performance model but very manoeuvrable in all-weather.

Getting started is intuitive, and not far more complicated than smaller models. It will make you feel unexpected emotions and vibes.

The great Standart’ enables you to improve your driving at both the recreational and elite levels. As official International Monotype, will you dare to challenge you to the best international drivers ?

General characteristics for the STANDART

  • Dismountable in less than 7 minutes and transportable in the roof of your car.
  • Parts like wheels, axles and top of mast can be stored inside the hull.
  • Composite hull positioned under the frame, giving a comfortable interior when sailing in halfseated position to get a perfect visibility.
  • The high-performing frame, with aluminium axles above the hull allows a better crossing of unevennesses, bringing more flexibility and comfort to pilots.

Technical characteristics for the STANDART

  • Assembled dimensions : 4,10 m x 2,60 m x 5,50 m
  • Disassembled dimensions : 3,60 m x 0,70 m x 0,45 m
  • Total weight : about 75 Kg (weight of main structure for transport on the the roof of your car : about 40 Kg)
  • Unbreakable mast made of aluminium, to be safe in case of rolling over the side. Mast in 3 different parts.
  • 5,8 sqm Mylar sail with cambers, very versatile in all-weather condition.
  • Millimetric screw tensioner on preprofiled batten : SEAGULL innovation. This sail enables a skilled pilot to go out in all-wind condition.
  • All spare parts are made of stainless steel.
  • As steering knuckles there are indestructible « flexible joints », without any risk of skidding on sand or seawater (SEAGULL patent).
  • New aluminium alloy rear wheel. 10-spoke rims, on axles of 20 millimeters diameter (Tyres authorized : 3+/17’’ or 2-1/4 x 17’’)

Info : Facebook link to the International Association of Owner of Standart' : L' ISSA

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