Biplace : The pleasure of sharing !

  • Ideal for a shared practice

  • Ergonomic design for immediate usability

  • Pleasant for solo use

Why choose the BIPLACE ?

The Biplace was well-manufactured to provide you good feelings in tandem use. This is the perfect yacht for practicing with your family or your friends. Designed to carry two users, the Biplace is still really great for a solo driving : this is the yacht that’s sure to please all generations.

The BIPLACE’s Strengths

Ideal for a family practice, the Biplace can also be used alone. Thanks to its steering wheel, the controls becomes easier. Its immediate ease of use enables any body to manoeuvre the yacht, even children. No basic knowledges are required to drive this kind of yacht.

General characteristics for the BIPLACE

  • Responsive and reassuring steering, upholstered sport steering wheel facilitating the driving, in particular the children (and for persons with reduced mobility).
  • Ergonomic hull, really wide with profound seat, very safe when turning.
  • The fiberglass axles, unbreakable, make the yacht comfortable for users. Those axles are clad with rubber protection, developed to withstand shock and vibration.
  • Sail surface : 6,6 sqm made of transparent Mylar (so the sail is transparent and red)
  • Central pulley system : 2 triple ball bearing blocks + Winch block.
  • The frame is made of corrosion resistant steel finished by vacuum metallization and Epoxy paint.
  • Front fork mounted on stainless steel ball bearings. To ensure a maximum adhesion, the wheel slightly tilt when you turn. Nylon dial, specifically designed to withstand seawater.
  • Mast and boom made of anodized aluminium (mast in three different parts).
  • Fittings, pieces on frame and ball bearings made of stainless steel.
  • Alloy wheels.
  • The yacht is equipped with two handbrake (one on each side, for each user)

Technical characteristics for the BIPLACE

  • Easily transportable on roof rack or in a multi purpose vehicle.
  • overall length : 3,45 m (3 m if you remove the front wheel) x 1,19 m (width) x 0,40 m (height without the steering wheel)
  • Assembled, dimensions : L : 3,45 m x W : 2,1 m
  • Total weight : about 68 Kg (Hull + frame : about 40 Kg)

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