Exelor : Feel the excellence !

  • A briskly and powerful sandyacht

  • Yacht’s aerodynamics and estheticism optimized

  • Exceptional habitability and comfort

Why choose the EXELOR ?

Considered by some as the most beautiful yacht ever manufactured by SEAGULL, the Exelor is a highly powerful yacht, specially made for sailing in a sporty way!

Pleasure, comfort and innovation : the Exelor is suitable for all types of ground, even in strong wind, its behavior is remarkable.

The Exelor is as sporty and agile as the New MC2 or the MAX XL models. It also has the same volume, so the transport is simple.

The EXELOR’s Strengths

The great Exelor has the perfect size to be the first family yacht. It is a « large » sporty landyacht, really comfy thanks to its suspension. The hull has been ergonomically designed for supporting the body (from the neck, the back and right under the legs, the curves are well thought out) and can even be used by the youngest in a safety way.

The Exelor also has the strength to be occasionally driven in tandem, with a passenger. In that case, you will be in half-seats position.

General characteristics for the EXELOR

  • 1 second adjustable foot-bar, even when you sail. The yacht is also equipped with an half steering wheel as an handle to steel for the start (or when you don’t sail to move the yacht).
  • Composite profiled hull, with a very design underside : perfect ergonomics for the body and legs (Thanks to the ability of the hull, you can use it in tandem)
  • 2 unbreakable and very comfortable fiberglass axles.
  • Front steering fork pivot with stainless steel bearings on stainless steel springs suspension. The wheel leans in turns for better grip.
  • Mast in 3 different parts. 6 sqm sail and pulleys with balls + winch pulley (Optional : the same sail with a reef : reducible surface in case of strong wind)
  • Handbrake

Technical characteristics for the EXELOR

  • Overall length : 3,23 m, without the front wheel : 2,80 m
  • Assembled dimensions : 3,23 m x 2,1 m
  • Disassembled dimensions : 2,80 m x 0,68 m
  • Hull height : 0,40 m
  • Hull weight : about 27 KG
  • Mast in 3 different parts
  • Sail area : 6 sqm (or 2,3 m if you take the optional axles like the Glider one)
  • Total weight : about 50 KG
  • Stainless steel spares even the ball-bearings.

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