LUDIC : The sandyacht without any constraint

  • Suitable for the whole family (children and adults)

  • Transportable in the trunk of your car

  • All-terrain, strong and comfortable

Why choose the Ludic ?

Need a break, have fun? A bit of wind, a parking area, a soccer field or a beach ... Take a LUDIC’ break ! It is a solid and comfortable mini-yacht that fits the whole family (children and adults). The assembly or dismantling takes place in 5 minutes, the Ludic has an incomparable ratio of bulk / pleasure

The Ludic’s Strengths

Transportable in the trunk of your car, the assembly and dismantling of the Ludic need only few minutes, 5 to be exact.
Robust and comfy, the Ludic will take you wherever you want to go thanks to various options concerning the sails and the wheels (beach, city, off-road).

General characteristics for the Ludic

  • Mast and boom in different parts of 95 cm
  • Original sail : 3,8 m2 (bigger sails available : 4,5 m2, 5,3 m2, 6m2, as an option). The sails are made of Mylar or Dacron.
  • Ergonomic hull, shaped to fit all heights, from children to adults. The hull is made of composite material which is modeled by the vacuum injection technique.
  • The fiberglass axles make the yacht comfortable for users.
  • All parts are in stainless steel, even the ball bearings.
  • The tiller can be adjusted to suit all sizes.
  • If you remove the rigging, the Ludic become a parakart !

Technical characteristics for the Ludic

Please refer to the PDF file enclosed and the main options section.

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