MaxXL : Experience to the next level …

  • Appropriate to leisure or sporting use

  • Suitable for everyone (children and adults)

  • Many positions to perfect your driving

Why choose the MAX XL ?

The Max XL is the perfect yacht to improve your driving knowledges : you can choose your position, from initiation (seated position), to improvement (half-seated position, you can adjust the foot-bar, even when you sail) and competition (lying position).
We believe that a beginner will increasily control his yacht, that’s why the Max XL was born after a long reflection to suit everyone and to enable improvement. It is the only one yacht with you can start from a seated position to finally end up driving in a lying position as in competition. The lying position is the perfect one to perform in optimum conditions because it is far more aerodynamic and protect the pilot against splash water, sand and dirt.

Once you drive your yacht in this position, you will make adjustments such getting your sail downer of a few centimeters (thanks to the adjustable headrest)

and that for lower the center of pressure in the aim of making the yacht more stable and more faster. The « Structural Light » hull is a self-supporting design which give the MaxXL rigidity and solidity in order to reduce the weight to be more efficient in light wind.

The MAX XL’s Strengths

If you choose the MAX XL, you can be sure to always drive your yacht according to your level. Highly used by clubs and professionals, its versatility, robustness and agility are regularly saluted. You can pretend to a complete driving evolution with this yacht by taking the usual path : Initiation, improvement and sporty driving. This facilitates the progression of the pilot (even a child can begin with this kind of yacht).

General characteristics for the MaxXL

  • Adjustable foot-bar, even when you sail.
  • The ergonomics of the hull has been designed by SEAGULL after many tests. The MAX XL is suitable for everyone, comfy and very adaptable (3 seating positions available).
  • The side gills are covered by a Lycra fabric which give enough space to feel comfortable at the elbows when you sail in a lying position.
  • The unbreakable fiber axles make the yacht very comfortable, they are dressed in a rubber profile prevents scratches and giving them the appearance of a small aircraft wings. Moreover, the MAX XL is also equipped with a front stainless steel spring suspension. This and the rear fiber axles increase the driving comfort.
  • Grey Nylon rims.
  • 6 sqm sail in translucent Mylar.
  • NEW: Secure axle clamping system: in the event of an impact, the axle is unclipped and can be clipped again by hand. SEAGULL creation (optional).
  • Professional pulley system (as in competition) : 2 triple pulley with ball bearings and ratchet block
  • Side launch handle to guide the landyacht to start before boarding (on the left side)

Technical characteristics for the MaxXL

  • Transportable on the roof of your car, or in a minivan
  • All spare parts are made of stainless steel, even the ball bearings
  • Length without the front wheel : 2,45 m
  • Height of the hull : 0,45 m
  • Weight of the main structure : about 30 kg (without fiber axles, rear wheels and rig)
  • Mast in 3 different parts
  • 6 sqm sail made of Translucent Mylar
  • Total weight : about 55 Kg

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