New MC2 : Essential reference for clubs

  • The robustness and the comfort

  • Versatility and efficiency from single and family use

  • Ideal for the improvement

Have a look at the new 2016 version : The New MC2

Its bigger and deeper seat, coupled to its more ergonomic design provide added comfort. More aesthetic, the new conception also guarantee an excellent back support. The frame has been strengthened for higher durability and reliability. Find all about everything that is new on the blog.
In picture gallery you will find photos of the MC2 from the previous version to the new. Below : views of the front and the back.

Why choose the NEW MC2 ?

The NEW MC2 was created to be the reference for clubs. It is the perfect yacht for beginners and advanced users. The ergonomics of the seat and the smart system of the adjustable foot-bar (only 1 second needed to adjust it, even if the yacht is in motion) are suitable for everybody, whatever your height is. Its versatility, robustness and flexibility make it as an excellent yacht, even for a daily and intensive use.

The NEW MC2’s Strengths

Ideal for initiation and improvement, the NEW MC2 is the yacht that suit the whole family. Its ergonomic seat and smart rudder (adjustable in 1s), make the NEW MC2 accessible to everyone, from children to adults. Not to large, the yacht can be disassembled in a matter of minutes to be easily transportable. It enables you to improve your practice and can give you good feelings. That’s the perfect yacht to share with family or friends.

General characteristics for the NEW MC2

  • Simple mounting in few minutes
  • The unbreakable fiber axles make it very comfortable, they are dressed in a rubber profile prevents scratches and giving them the appearance of a small aircraft wings.
  • The steering foot-bar handle is coupled to a side launch handle that makes it possible to guide the landyacht to start before boarding
  • The MC2 is equipped with one hand brake.
  • The stainless steel frame surrounding the shell provides side protection and security.

Technical characteristics for the NEW MC2

  • Disassembled dimensions : 2,27 m x 0,70 m at the widest (with the brake). Height of the hull : 0,40 m (Mast in 2 different parts)
  • Assembled dimensions : 2,72 m x 1,78 m
  • Length : 2,72 m, less the front dismountable front wheel. : 2,27 m
  • Total weight : about 49 Kg
  • Weight of the main structure: about 26 Kg
  • 5.3 sqm transparent sail with reef (it is the only mylar sail model with a reef)
  • Adjustable foot-bar to the height of the pilot, even when you sail (Seagull Creation).
  • Stainless steel spares even the ball-bearings.

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