Metallised steel frame, painted in epoxy satin black colour

  • Promo sport’s polyester seat: you choose the colour of the seat (RAL colours, according to availability – metallic or sparkling gelcoat available on demand as an option)
  • Silence’s seat: comfortable padded seat with an adjustable back in red, jeans blue or electric blue
  • Vynilester carbon seat instead of glass fibre polyester: 4-5 kgs lighter (12% of the total langyacht’s weight!)

Other leisure rigs, with different sizes available

  • 8 batons aluminium rims instead of black nylon ones – aesthetic option, does not improve the performance
  • Steel axles (or aluminium on demand, or more for competition)
  • “Storm” sail: you can ask us for a second sail (for strong winds) – the 5.5m² proposed sail for this landyacht might prove to be too big in the described conditions of practice
  • Promo Sport type sail: white Dacron sail (or Mylar on demand), different colours available for the mast pocket
  • You choose the colour of your sails under the leisure labelled karts in the PDF bellow

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