Legal status and financing

Are you a student ? A business(wo)man ? An unemployed person ? Or managing a leisure structure ? Do you want to create your landyachting activity ?

In today’s world, it is quite easy to build your own project because different statuses make things more easily doable. In fact, the status of self-employed person and some others adapt themselves to your identity and to your ideas. Some associations are here to help you in the creation and the launching of such activity, like, for example, the Chambers of Commerce.

If you want to be your own employer, you will already have made an estimation of the financial needs of such project. Banks are particularly interested and careful with the bearers of new projects, and will most likely allow you to get the sufficient finances to comfort the start of the project.

You can be granted different fundings by the State, the Region, the Chambers of Commerce, etc. To have more information on the country you are in, contact the Chamber of Commerce of your region.

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