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Do you want to have access to new functionalities while continuing to be in the field of landyachting? The solution of creating your own mobile landyachting activity seems like it would suit you, and allow you to gather a broader audience: companies (works councils), holiday centers, groups of friends, or landyachting shools.

Seagull guides you in the creation of your project, with the paperwork and more generally, throughout the process of creation of your landyachting activity: fundings, market studies, choice of the firm’s status, looking for the best fitting spots, awaken the clients’ interest, developing your activity, etc.

You want to give it a try? We will know how to assist you throughout the elaboration of your project. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to get some advice, request for an estimate, validation of your project, and so on. Our team remains available for you.

Your experience, your market and your customers

Landyachts School

Are you’re a landyachting teacher ? Are you passionate about this sport and want to launch your own project or firm ? Our concept perfectly matches your skills ! Indeed, the opening of a mobile landyachting club would allow you to be independent while getting closer to your clients.

Landyachting gives you the ability to adapt to different spots and different environments, and consequently to the client’s demand: practice on the beach with the sand, on grass, on an empty land, or on a stabalised soccer field.

In order to find a spot that will welcome the practice of landyachting, you need to build a folder to present to municipalities and/or to the money owners to show the seriousness of your project, and your implication in the development of such concept. It is also necessary that you request a “rolling demand” indicating the periods you would consider doing it. If you want to get all authorisations to drive on the beach, address your requests at once to the cityhall and to the instances in charge of the management of the seaside in your region. Beaches are usually empty outside of school holidays, which makes the granting of authorisations more likely.

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