Urban : The pedal yacht !

  • All-terrain vehicle

  • Secure and easily manoeuvrable thanks to the pedal system

  • Fun and playful in all situation

In 2017, the Urban Concept give way to the Urban.

After months of development, we can finally introduce the evolution of the Urban Concept, which become the Urban. Without fairing, this yacht equipped with a mechanical foot pedal, will bring you wherever you want to go over any terrain, either urban land or natural ones. The pedal system enables you to roll every-time, even if there is no wind at all.

Compared to the previous model, the new Urban works by a system of belt drive (or chain, as you like) and can only be driven by a steering wheel (The Urban concept was driven by a rudder). The yacht is also equipped with a handbrake in order to facilitate stoping.

The previous Urban Concept with the Lycra fairing is not for sale per unit, but still available on quantity sales. See photos of the Urban in the picture gallery.

Why choose the URBAN ?

Avoid session cancellations in case of no wind, so the return on investment is quicker : indeed, thanks to the pedal system, the URBAN is always rolling and never stops.

That is a really good way to start practicing. The beginner will learn safely and serenely anticipate crossing buoys and intersection (as a matter of fact, the width of the yacht is discernible when you’re seated on it, so practicing become much easier)

When the yacht stops, it only takes a push on the pedal to roll again… Compared to other sandyachts, pilots don’t need to get out of the Urban and push on it to make it roll : that’s a revolution.

The Urban is a very secure and comfortable yacht. Lifting wheel(s) no longer tilts the yacht forward, as in traditional landyachting, but slightly rearward on the side. The seat is then about 20 cm above the ground, so the driver is not ejected, even in case of tipping over.

If the beginner wants to slow down, the yacht is equipped with a handbrake on the right side.

The URBAN’s Strengths

The Urban is an all-terrain vehicle : on land and on sand, on grass fields, parkings, and dirt road ; The practice of land yachting in these spaces is then secured with this kind of kart equipped by a handbrake. You can control your yacht according to your skills : by holding the steering wheel, or with your feet, or both, as you want.

When the yacht stops due to a piloting error or in case of insufficient wind, you have a pedalboard as on a bicycle. This pedalboard was conceived to be sand and water-resistant (belt transmission). In case of skidding or spinning (then the Urban rolls in reverse), the belt system and the pedalboard are automatically released of any applied force, ensuring you that pedals won’t return and hurt you.

Technical characteristics for the URBAN

  • Sail area : 5,3 sqm. The Urban is equipped with the sail made of Dacron, and include a reef to reduce the surface if necessary (from 5,3 sqm to 4,3 sqm)
  • Mast : 6 parts.

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